Vixen Vanity

Mixed Bajan and Puerto rican beauty born in Brooklyn raised in manhattan ive lived in ny all my life until moving to ga in 2006 coming to ga for school I started a new life an got into modeling in 2010 ive ben in and out of the modeling game for a few years in the last past year ive gotten a lot done an since new years ive been getting consistent publications back to back im hitting the 40 mark ive been featured in any magazines such as naked hustle cherri colada fbm flava girl mag enfluenz vixens mag and my numbers are still climbing soon to be in don diva and sweets mag in the next 2 years I plan to have a magazine modeling agency and other small businesses within the industry.

Name: Dorian Parrish (Vixen Vanity)
Height: 5’1
Weight: 150
Measurements: 36c 28 40
Age: 26 years old soon to be 27
Location: Atlanta
Twitter: @vixen__vanity
Instagram: @vixen__vanity
Website: under construction

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