Shayna Kelly



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Twista Music video “Fire”!!! … 8941Vmd9Hb

SkinTones Magazine Issue #3

Black Men Magazine *Ink Candy* Issue #2

LEP Bogus Boyz “FTW” Music video

GP Ft Gorilla Zoe Music video “What’s Up”

Bo Deal’s New Music Video “WoW”

Avrey Smith Music Video “Inked Up”

On The Cover Of Marcus Chapman New Book SexTimeAndRadio Vol.3:The Cult of Personality!!! So get your copy today!!! … 8ob02BVGY2

Asis Magazine Issue #17 … _kelly.php

Flavor Magazine June 2012 Issue #26 (Based in Germany)

Don Diva Magazine Issue #48

Enfluenz Magazine “Under The Sheets” Issue #32

Vixens Magazine Cover “Ultimate Ink Edition” Issue #6

Chi Grind Magazine Issue#3

Titanium Girlz Magazine Double Cover Rose Kelly *Pictorial 30* Issue #1


Stunnaz Mag Inked Issue #2

XXL Web Candy of the Week: Shayna Kelly … KU.twitter …

Check out “Shayna Kelly” on MergeBy®:

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