Monkey Of The Week: Snoop Dogg Goes In On Iggy & Apologizes

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Snoop DoggA.K.A Snoop Lion has been on this Instagram Meme rampage for days now. Ever since
Iggy Azalea responded to his unfaltering pic, things have just gone out of hand.


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Snoop has posted Meme after Meme referring to the Australian rapper as all sorts of vulgar names. He’s even gone as far as posting videos and dedicating Dr. Dre’s song B****** Ain’t S*** to her.

He often refers to himself as Uncle Snoop…. Well what’s wrong Unc?

Most of this crazy talk is when he is dressed as his alter ego Todd, so I guess Todd made him do it…

Click Here To See His Rants

Until TI, also known as The King of the South, made a call….


And a little while later Snoop Lion apologized….

Thanks TIP on behalf of all the Snoop fans for stepping in…

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