Did Omarion Break Up With His Baby Mama – Claims She Didn’t Want To Provide DNA Test For Their Son?

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Source | Mediatakeout 


According to a TOP SNITCH Omarion and his girlfriend Apryl have reportedly BROKEN UP . . . and it?s all because Apryl is REFUSING to give her son a DNA TEST, and prove he?s Omarion?s.

Here?s what we KNOW. Apryl and Omarion seem to have a very GOOD RELATIONSHIP ? but Omarion?s MOM has been throwing FUEL ON THE FIRE. According to our snitch, Omarion?s mother has been making SUBTLE HINTS ever since the child was born . . . that the baby looks BI-RACIAL. She also mentioned that Apryl?s EX-BOYFRIEND was Mexican.

Chile this is JUICY.

OK so our snitch claims that after MONTHS of Mama spitting that HATE into Omarion?s ear, he started having SECOND THOUGHTS about paternity. The snitch told MediaTakeout.com ?Omarion asked for a DNA test and Apryl was offended . . . she started crying and carrying on.? The insider continued…

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